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Debit Card

Make payment easy with a debit card ― use your available funds safely with chip technology.

Debit Card Features

A safe, easy alternative to writing checks, using a debit card comes with several built-in benefits.

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Chip Technology

Pay safely with chip-enabled card readers at stores and restaurants. Can also swipe when needed.

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Enhanced Security

Each transaction is safe and secure and includes fraud protection.

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Convenient Access to Funds

Use your debit card whenever and wherever digital payment is accepted.

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CardValet® Mobile App

Control your accounts and prevent fraud right from your smartphone.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you would like to sign up for a debit card, you can stop in at your closest location to set up an account.

What if I Lose My Debit Card?

You can contact Peoples Federal during normal business hours or call 800-472-3272 outside of banking hours. We will help you in replacing your card and securing your account.

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