Woman uses CardValet smartphone app to check her transactions on her phone

Now you can protect the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket, thanks to the CardValet app. This mobile app is ideal for cardholders who want to control their accounts and prevent fraud right from their smartphone.

Free & Easy Mobile App Setup

After downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store, you can easily register your cards by entering your 16-digit card number and additional card details. After that, you will be prompted to validate your identity in one of three ways:

  • Verify your identity using your email address
  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Conduct a PIN transaction

Once your identity is validated, you will create a username and password, and then you’ll be ready to log in!

CardValet Offers Spending Security

With the CardValet app, you can receive alerts for transactions and monitor and control your card usage. You can set your alerts based on transaction, location or merchant type, and if your card is declined, the app will let you know immediately. CardValet is proactive in helping you take appropriate steps in protecting yourself against fraud.

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Other CardValet Features

In addition to letting you view balances and card transactions on your phone, CardValet’s low balance alert feature lets you know right away when your balance dwindles. Other features include:

CardValet’s On/Off Spending Feature

CardValet has a great setting that allows you to turn your card on or off through the app. Simply go to the app and access your card details, then turn the card on or off.

All transactions, except for recurring payments, will be denied until you turn your card back on.

Location-Based Safety Settings

Using your phone’s GPS location, CardValet is able to limit the range where the card can be used. If the card is used where you are not located, the card will be declined.

Control Your Budget

The app also allows you to set spending thresholds and specify merchant types. For example, you can set the app to only spend $100 at the grocery store or to limit your spending at your favorite boutique.  

Parental Control Settings

Another great feature of CardValet is its parental control settings– with threshold limits, merchant categories, locations, and on/off controls, you can easily manage your children’s card usage from your own smartphone.

CardValet App Ensures Top Security

Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association works hard to ensure top security within our online banking services so that you, our customer, have the confidence that your information is being protected.

Download the CardValet App from Google Play or the App Store to register your cards today. Feel free to contact Peoples Federal Savings and Loan with any questions you may have about getting started with the app today!