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Phishing Attacks Are Getting Trickier

Phishing attacks have become the most common method cyber attackers use to target people at work and at home. Phishing attacks have traditionally been emails sent by cyber attackers to trick you into doing something you should not do, such as opening an infected email attachment, clicking on a malicious link, or sharing your password…. Read more »

Top Three Social Media Scams

Overview While social media is a fantastic way to communicate, share, and have fun with others, it is also a low-cost way for cyber criminals to trick and take advantage of millions of people. Don’t fall victim to the three most common scams on social media. Investment Scams Have you ever seen a post about… Read more »

Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks

What are messaging attacks? Smishing (a portmanteau word combining SMS and phishing) are attacks that occur when cyber attackers use SMS, texting, or similar messaging technologies to trick you into taking an action you should not take. Perhaps they fool you into providing your credit card details, get you to call a phone number to… Read more »

Avoid The Most Common Email Mistakes

Overview Email is still one of the primary ways we communicate, both in our personal and professional lives. However, quite often we can be our own worst enemy when using email. Here are the most common mistakes people make with email and how to avoid them. Auto Complete Auto-complete is a common feature in most… Read more »

Text Message Scams on the Rise

Because of its ease of use, text messaging, the go-to method of communication for marketing and has benefited almost every industry in the business world. Most people always have their phone in hand, and, more often than not, sending a text is more useful than sending an email. Businesses and even our government have taken… Read more »

Shopping Online Securely

Overview The holiday season is nearing. Soon millions of people will be looking to buy the perfect gifts, and many of us will shop online. Unfortunately, cyber criminals will be active as well, creating fake shopping websites and other online shopping scams to steal your information or money. Learn how you can find good deals… Read more »


Peoples Federal Savings and Loan is committed to putting our customers first. It is our priority to provide your financial needs in a safe and secure environment. New this month, we are offering an “Awareness” newsletter to our customers. These newsletters will provide cybersecurity awareness and cybersecurity education to our valued Peoples Federal Savings and… Read more »