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Agriculture and Farm Loans

At Peoples Federal Savings and Loan, we understand ag. We have been helping the agricultural community since 1886 and have worked with farmers through the many unknown variables that affect farming year after year. Our farm real estate loans can help cover start-up costs, expansion plans, new construction, farm and land acquisitions, and more. Let us find you the best competitive rate to secure the funds you need to succeed in ag today.

Farm Equipment Purchases

Keeping your equipment maintained and current is critical for farm operations to continue efficiently. When it’s time to retire old equipment, replace it with something new or make a quick operational purchase, contact Peoples Federal Savings and Loan. We’ll help you secure the financing you need quickly and at competitive rates.

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Farm Operating Lines of Credit and Loans

A farm operating line of credit ensures funding is in place for yearly operating costs. These expenses may include seed, fertilizer, labor, harvest, and the many unknowns that Mother Nature brings. Manage your operations efficiently by having cash on hand when needed. Contact Peoples Federal Savings and Loan to discuss your farm’s financial needs with one of our ag loan representatives.

What will my monthly payment be?

Use our loan calculator to help you determine the loan financing amount and payment option best for you.