Debra Geuy artwork

Gateway Arts Council’s “Bad Art By Good People” campaign is entering the 2018 year with a promising candidate: Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association’s very own president, Debra Geuy!

How To Vote for Deb’s ‘Bad Art By Good People’ Painting

Ballots are available at the Peoples Federal main office on East Court Street in Sidney, Ohio, or at the Gateway Arts Council building on North Miami Street in Sidney.

Votes are $1 a piece, and you can also vote online here. There, you can vote as many times as you’d like for as many people as you’d like (although we know Deb’s art is by far the best).









 Vote for Deb here!

‘Bad Art By Good People’ in the Sidney Community

“Bad Art By Good People” is one of the Gateway Arts Council’s annual fundraisers in which 24 artists within the community are chosen to compete to win the ultimate title of “Bad Artist.” After creating a work of art, each artist campaigns for $1 votes, creating a friendly competition between friends and colleagues.

“I was very intimidated when I received my blank canvas, but the experience of creating my ‘bad art’ turned out to be quite enjoyable,” Geuy says of her painting.

Cast your vote for Deb now.

Once Gateway Arts Council reaches its $10,000 fundraising goal, 50 percent above that amount will be donated to New Choices, a non-profit agency serving the needs of domestic violence survivors.

Deb’s masterpiece will be on display at the Gateway Arts Council office until the evening of Oct. 4, when the Gateway Arts Council will announce the winner of the “Bad Art By Good People Election” at the Bad Art Ball at the Palazzo in Botkins, Ohio.

Vote For Deb’s Painting